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We at SaltyBrains have 20+ years experience in IT, Software Development, Electronics, Marketing and Business in various industries. While we are always working on our own projects we are available to partner with others on their own concepts and are always interested to discuss new ideas!

Marketing Platform


Having over a decade in development and operation - our Affiliate Marketing Platform manages well over 500 fully autonomous marketing websites and growing. Proving our recipe for success we hold the #1 google position for some top ranking casino gaming keywords.


Web, Mobile, Desktop

We have been writing code for over two decades, designing and developing software for nearly any platform - from Web Apps, Desktop Apps, Servers (Gaming, Financial and Data Processing), Mobile (iOS and Android), Tablet and the latest SmartWatches (such as Pebble, AppleWatch and AndroidWear).


backend administration systems

We design and operate highly secure financial backend database administration systems for online casinos, betting shops, bookies and 3rd party game integration platforms. Our own in-house built administration platform is used by multiple European Gaming Companies in their gambling operations.


working together

We work with teams of developers all over the world and have the experience to manage a project from start to finish, from anywhere.

Ideas & Invention

bringing ideas to life

Our passion is bringing ideas from concept, through prototyping and into production - wether it is purely digital, online, a physical object or device - we love to create!


everything we need to create.

With everything from 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Mills, Lathes, Electronics and Robotics Workshop - our Lab is constantly evolving to keep up-to-date - giving us the tools to create anything we dream of.

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ScopeShare is a new paradigm for Astronomical Research and Photography - a brand new platform for Sharing, Learning and Discovering our great Cosmos, all while monetizing your own telescope!

A Fishing Review Platform (Website and Mobile Apps) where users can both publish and view reports on any given fishing area anywhere in Australia - sharing information and photos about their catches : the times of day, the tides, the moon, local specific tips, the bait and techniques used.

A series of Desktop and Mobile (iOS and Android) action and adventure games based on the fabled Lobster Kitten. Part Lobster, part Kitten, meow clack clack meow. Get ready for an adventure!

A new paradigm in LIVE Casino Gaming (something we have over 15 years experience in) where online players directly control a robot in real-time to roll their own dice while placing bets on the outcomes. Akin to 'Live dealer games' except with direct input from the player, making it fun and exciting and bringing a superior level of trust than that of typical computer based gaming.

A classic Calorie Counting App for Mobile (iOS and Android) tracking days, meals, totals and averages - with a fast, easy and intuitive user interface to keep Calorie Counting quick and simple.

A Mobile App (iOS and Android) to aid in Problem Gambling - Users can broadcast an 'alert' anytime they feel like they are tempted to gamble notifying the closest other users in a realtime social network where every user is also a 'Sponsor', giving and receiving support and positive reinforcement.

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